Posted by: benfrasier | July 28, 2007

In Murfreesboro

Well, we’ve moved in and unpacked all our boxes.  Kim deserves all the credit for unpacking every box within a week of moving in.  Unfortunately, a big rain storm came through Murfreesboro on Tuesday, and some water flooded in our brand-new apartment!  Thankfully, the maintenance people here are very helpful and were on the case immediately.  We just had to live with a huge fan blowing in our living room for a few days.

I attended a new teacher training seminar from Wednesday through Friday.  It was great to meet some new teachers at Blackman High and hear from the two featured speakers.   I’ve spent a few hours each day at Blackman and have met a few of my students.  Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming.  I’m looking forward to band camp, but I’m thankful there is still a week before we begin.

I finished the final Harry Potter book on Monday.  (Don’t worry, no spoilers here)  I felt very satisfied with the ending.  I’m big on having effective conclusions to stories.  There are few things more frustrating than following a story over a span of years and being denied an absolute ending.  I’m mainly thinking of the Matrix movies.  That trilogy had such a great start, but the third episode ruined the entire series for me.  Thankfully, Harry Potter’s ending leaves no stone unturned and brings a full resolution to the story.



  1. Glad you’re in the apartment and all unpacked. It never feels like you’re completely home till everything’s out of the boxes. At least since you’ve only been married a short while, you haven’t accumulated too much stuff yet. Just wait till you move after 12 years together! It’ll be good to have you close enough to visit from time to time. Good luck on the start of the school year, Mr. Frasier.

  2. ITS ALL FOR FUN PEOPLE!n“99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall”?!?but it is a countdown song!nMany decades ago,i got a version that was 57V of HK Click

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