Posted by: benfrasier | July 15, 2007

moving and tickets

With the move less than a week away, Kim and I have started boxing our few belongings.  (And when I say “Kim and I,” I’m mainly refering to Kim.)  Its amazing that we really don’t have many more items to pack.  At this pace we’ll meet our goal of being fully packed before Saturday.  Hopefully we’ll be able to load the truck in under an hour if we have enough help.

Boxes in the living room

In other news, we purchased tickets to see the Tennessee Titans play the Jacksonville Jaguars.  This will be my second NFL game and Kim’s first.  I’m looking forward to being in the midst of Titans mania!  Even though the Bengals are just over an hour away from Lexington, I’ve never felt an attachment with the recently successful NFL franchise across the Ohio River.  Living in Bowling Green when the Titans moved to Nashville really solidified my NFL allegiance to the Titans.  Watching that incredible playoff run in 1999 which included the Music City Miracle and the Super Bowl appearance was the first time I felt like a real NFL fan.



  1. Do you need some stuff? I’ve got extra!
    Good luck with the move. I hope that all goes well, and ditto on the whole Titans thing. When is the game?

  2. Hey Bennie Boy,

    Shoot me an email with all of your new contact info. We will actually be in the ‘Boro this weekend. I may try to find you.

  3. Wish the Titans could pull off another one of those miracles. I haven’t enjoyed a good Superbowl party in years. I have a Titans jersey, but no good reason to wear it (although it makes for interesting lingerie sometimes with the see-through mesh holes and all.)

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