Posted by: benfrasier | July 9, 2007

lingering thoughts from last week

1. Just got back from camp. It was a great week (like always), but the week went by so much faster than in previous years. I suppose the seemingly quick pace was due to the fact that Kim and I had much more responsibility this year. We were constantly practicing a skit, prepping a night activity, or thinking up a punishment for latecomers to flag raising. Not to mention we also had the normal duties of being counselors.

2. I love my wife. I’m very thankful that Kim enjoys camp as much as I do. I wouldn’t be able to have as great of a week if Kim wasn’t on board with the whole camp idea. Its just nice that I can have somebody to flirt with.

3. I’m finding myself having less and less patience for church garbage. I am tired of hearing stories of churches kicking people out for reading a certain book, church leadership unable to make a decision because they’re paralyzed by fear, or ministry staff being misled by their leadership. It seems like all of these actions are a result of preservation. Leaders are more concerned with keeping unnecessary traditions alive, and holding to a pattern their grandparents and parents lived with. In my eyes, there isn’t a greater waste of time than preserving a church. Trying to preserve a church is a sign that you don’t believe God can work in infinite ways and that you’d rather be in control rather than allow God to guide your path.

4. After talking about church leadership last week, I’ve tried to develop my expectations for church leaders:

Church leaders will pray, listen to the Holy Spirit, and set a clear vision for the church. This vision will dictate the direction of the church, what qualities are needed in a ministry staff, and the responsibilities of the church’s members. Church leaders will be bold, confident, and courageous, while displaying humility, servant-leadership, and compassion.

As I write this statement I noticed its easy to write in a negative sense. Such as “Church leaders will not…” But I believe it is important to act primarily out of purpose, and rarely act out of a reaction to something one deems negative. I guess what I’m trying to say is that sometimes I wish to act in an opposite way of negative leadership. I say things to myself like, “I wouldn’t do that,” or “Thats the wrong way to do it.” But I need know my intentions before I act in order to follow the vision God has for me.



    1. I got to baptize JD Sunday morning, along with his little brother. And Sunday afternoon Austin Day was baptized by Steve Tyree. It was a great ending to an already awesome week of camp.

      I enjoyed hanging out with you. Let me know when you move and send me your contact info.

    2. There’s a really good blog about leadership that goes along with what you wrote. It is the title of the entry is ‘Tolerating Pain.’

    3. I hope that you weren’t overwhelmed by your increased responsibilities at camp. Looking back I didn’t intend for you to be so involved in so many things. That being said, you did a great job in every area, with the only exception being that punishment thing. That was a little over the top.:).

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