Posted by: benfrasier | June 16, 2007

So one thing troubles me as Kim and I are about to move Murfreesboro. As we move further south, I’m worried about finding a church that wants to be relevant to today’s people, has a bold leadership that is confident in the direction God wants to move the church, and isn’t concerned with creating a church culture. I’m very thankful for being a part of Crossroads Christian Church for the past year because they possess all those qualities, and today further proved that statement.

Crossroads invited Craig Gross of to bring their Porn and Pancakes tour to Lexington. Craig humbly presented the power pornography to control our lives and desires to unmask this sin. If pornography is uncovered, according to Craig, it loses its power. I believe Craig is right, and how ironic is that pornography almost seems like a curse in some churches. I realize porn can be scary because it is so powerful. It can quietly and consistently lead people down a dark path which they almost unknowingly follow. But instead of leading the charge to take away its power, the church-at-large almost seems to be frozen in fear of pornography.

Therefore I’m thankful that Craig and churches like Crossroads will be bold and acknowledge that pornography is present, but God’s power is stronger.

More on this later…


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