Posted by: benfrasier | June 14, 2007

Only 38 days left in KY

Last weekend, Kim and I signed a lease for our new apartment in Murfreesboro. The apartment is brand new, which means we’ll be the first people to live in it.

Here is a view of the model apartment’s living room. Living Room One thing I really like is that every room has a giant window to provide lots of natural light.  Our floorplan includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  Overall, the apartment feels more like a home rather than a cookie-cutter apartment.  Plus, its close enough to Blackman that I can practically walk to work.

This week I’ve been rather bored.  I’ve been working out about every other day and hanging out with friends at the pool.  Its so easy to become a sluggard and lose hours in front of the television, but I’m trying to be proactive and give my body and mind some challenges.  I didn’t believe that my job search would be over so soon into the summer.  I fully expected to be driving to interviews all over KY and TN during these June weeks.



  1. I am so glad you have found a job and found a place to live. Enjoy your free time this summer—that will soon change!!

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