Posted by: benfrasier | May 31, 2007

I love a good spelling bee.

Today, I have enjoyed my annual guilty pleasure of watching the National Spelling Bee.  Part of me is intrigued by the dedication and discipline shown by the contestants (err… “champion spellers”).  The other part of me feels like I’m watching an SNL skit based upon ESPN’s coverage.  Who came up with the idea to have Stuart Scott, who has made a living introducing new forms of grammar, as a sideline reporter.  Add to that, Mike and Mike (of ESPN radio) are giving their periodic commentary.  The really funny part is that most of these kids have no recognition of these ESPN personalities.

It might just be me, but I find it incredibly funny seeing Stuart Scott discuss alternate spellings in the same manner he discusses Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring.  But seriously, its great that academic success gets a little bit of the ESPN spotlight.

>>> By the way, Mike and Mike just discussed one of the contestants, Matt Phillips, who has a disorder which causes his bones to be extremely brittle and break easily.  He is confined to a wheel chair and can’t play sports, but he has an extremely positive and God-like attitude about his situation.  And obviously he is highly intelligent.
Despite his disabilities, he tries to live as independently as possible.  When asked why he rides the school bus instead of riding with his mom he said, “If I ride with my mom I have to wait for her to get ready.  If I ride the bus I just myself ready and get on the bus when it arrives.”

He also stated, “If they find a cure for my disease I won’t use it because my life is really easy right now and I don’t want to change.”  Wow, for an 11 year old boy he sure has accepted the life God has given him.  Here is more on Matt’s story.

Currently he has joined Mike and Mike as commentators.



  1. Wow! Glad it’s you nad not me. I can’t make it trough one word watching those things. It takes like 3 minutes to spell one word. I’m just not that patient!

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