Posted by: benfrasier | April 30, 2007

so thats it?

I’m done.  My undergraduate education is finally over.  I’ve finished student teaching and I’m getting ready to drive to campus and turn in my portfolio, the last requirement I have to fulfill.

I’m now fully dedicated to looking ahead and finding my first teaching job.  I’ve sent dozens of applications out and have one interview already scheduled.  Unfortunately, music teachers are usually the last positions filled by principals each year.  Therefore its quite possible Kim and I could be in limbo until the end of July!  (A very scary thought!)

Wherever we end up, I’m certain that it will be an easy decision.  We have been praying for this decision for some time now, and we’re confident God will make His will clear and unmistakable.  Several of our friends have made career changes (or beginnings) lately, and the common thread in their decision was that God made the decision undeniable and easy to follow.

Its very comfortable to know God is creating our path because now the pressure is off me to find a job.  I just have to keep filling out applications and calling schools with the knowledge that one of those applications or calls will lead me to the job.  But I don’t have to get discouraged when it seems nothing if moving forward or I’ve hit a dead end.



  1. Keep us posted on the search!

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