Posted by: benfrasier | March 3, 2007

checking in

So its been a while blog world. Life has resumed its steady pace since the wreck. Here are some updates.

1. I bought a 2000 Nissan Altima with the insurance check and a little bit of savings. It is very similar to my Corolla (its even the same color), but it is a little larger and seems like an upgrade. It drives well and seemed to be in good condition.

2. Student teaching has been going well. I was observed by my professor two weeks ago at the middle school and it went very well. My professor had many positive things to say about my performance. Its great finally get a chance to participate in my profession after studying about it for too many years.

3. Before our first day of student teaching, I attended a few seminars at UK. One point made was that as a student teacher, you need to develop thick skin. Amen to that. It seems that almost every middle school class contains a few very vocal bad attitudes. Yesterday, I had a student tell me that he was going to quit band because of me. (I made him put up his instrument after making farting noises.)

4. After dealing with a student’s bad attitude its very tempting to discount that student as a bad apple. But if I believe that God has created every person in his image, then I can’t give up on kids that I perceive as hopeless. This struggle can seem impossible at times. Pray for patience and humility in me.

5. This time of year usually gets me thinking about Greenwood Park’s church camp. As the temperature starts to creep toward the warm side I get goosebumps about walking up the gravel road to the ball-field, seeing the path to the creek covered in fog, and sitting on the porch of the lodge on Saturday night before the kids arrive. That little spot in Holland, KY is probably the most sacred ground on Earth to me.

6. Our small group at Crossroads Christian Church is going well. Sometimes I feel so unprepared in facilitating this group. Generally, I get anxious about events or things that have no formula or rubric to follow. But I think it will strengthen my faith to rely on God in uncertain situations. Luckily, the small group practically leads itself. So I really shouldn’t worry about anything.


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