Posted by: benfrasier | January 22, 2007

good start to the week

So I was in my first wreck today. As I drove to George Rogers Clark (GRC) High School in Winchester, I was hit by a lady driving a big SUV. I was driving on Bypass Road, which is the major road in Winchester. I was approaching an intersection with the green light pointed toward me. I noticed a bunch of cars turning left from the opposite lane. The last car in the group was obviously just following the cars in front of her and did not notice my approaching headlights. She noticed me just after turning and stopped in my lane. I tried to swerve to the right to avoid her, but she tried to turn at the same time which led to our collision.

While her car avoided any real damage, my car is in real bad shape and is undrivable. Thankfully, I didn’t suffer any injuries. I actually remember seeing the airbags deploy as my car impacted her’s. After my car stopped I got out and let out a sigh of relief that I was all in one piece. I think I’ve suffered more mental trauma than physical. It was wonderful to see Kim when she picked me up from GRC.

Note on calling spouses after a wreck: Don’t say “I can’t feel anything.” Because that leads your spouse to believe you have been paralyzed. It is better to say “I’m not hurt.” This phrase is much clearer.



  1. Bless your heart! I’m glad you’re OK, and I hope you’re able to get a good car deal after all the insurance paperwork’s done. Your final paragraph totally cracked me up. Save that one for a future devo. It’s the perfect illustration of the importance of clear, precise communication.

  2. Oops; I was logged in as Lee in the last comment. He would never say, “Bless your heart.” I wrote the last comment. –Ashley

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