Posted by: benfrasier | January 14, 2007

Reconciliation with God

So Lynn, the guy who supports small group leaders at Crossroads, gave Kim and I a book entitled, Making Small Groups Work by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. The first two chapters are basically an argument why small groups are important. Basically, they state that mankind has been constantly reconciling our relationship with God since Adam and Eve decided to take life into their own hands. The authors state that small groups allow that reconciliation to happen.

The authors presented six aspects that were important toward reconciliation with God. Here they are:

  • See God as the source of life and all we need.
  • See relationship as our primary need in life, with him and other people.
  • Seek and practice grace and forgiveness.
  • Submit to God as the boss.
  • Seek his ways to live.
  • Let God be in control of the world and others; develop control of oneself.

I’ve found myself thinking about the last aspect. It suggests that we can display self-control, but we don’t feel responsible for what happens around us. Mentally, this seems to be a very healthy perspective because I have no control of what happens around me. For me, worring about my circumstances can often take over my mind. If I allow God to control my circumstances my only concern will be my reaction.


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