Posted by: benfrasier | January 11, 2007

student teaching

So I just finished my second day of student teaching, and I already think that my experience has been extremely valuable… even if I quit tomorrow.  Todd, my cooperative teacher, said, “If I could offer only one piece of advice, it would be that the students respond to a happy teacher.  They aren’t used to seeing adults who are happy.”

That comment struck as being very simple yet profound at the same time.  I also think it is just the message I need to hear.  Because of my young looks, I always feel like I have to fight for the respect of students.  There is this fear in me that I’m not taken seriously because I look more like a teenager than an adult who has completed a college degree program.  So out of fear I try to be hard-nosed and withdrawn from the students I interact with.

After thinking over Todd’s advice, I think I’ve been doing it all wrong.  Now, my goal is to simply display the joy that I truly have inside me.  I serve a great Lord who loves me.  I have a great relationship with my beautiful and thoughtful wife.  I’m in a small group of genuine people who are much fun to be around.  Why should I forget these things when I walk into a classroom?


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