Posted by: benfrasier | December 5, 2006

USA Soccer news

While not definite yet, it appears that Juergen Klinsmann will be the new coach of the US National Soccer team. Klinsmann was the coach of Germany since 2004 but resigned after winning third place in the 2006 World Cup. German officials and fans were actually critical of Klinsmann because he spent too much time in the United States. He lives in Southern California with his American wife. The former US coach, Bruce Arenas, also resigned after the World Cup after a disappointing showing. I think Bruce did a lot of good for US soccer and should be thanked for getting US soccer to the place it is now. The 2002 World Cup showing in Korea/Japan was really fun to watch, and it was Arenas’s team and game-plan that brought us to the quarterfinals (where we lost to runner-up Germany).

But its time for some new blood to bring fresh ideas. One of the areas lacking in the American team was the absense of an attacking instinct. We played almost the entire World Cup with only one forward and seemed to negatively affect our offensive production. (If I remember correctly, we only scored two goals and one of those goals was an own-goal by Italy) Being a former striker, I think Klinsmann will bring a new offensive aggression to our team. I believe he played for Germany when they won the 1990 World Cup in Italy.

Go USA!!!!


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