Posted by: benfrasier | December 5, 2006

real fan spirit

This is one of the reasons why soccer is so cool.  Every Celtic fan remains in the stands singing their song after a victory over rival Manchester United.  You never see this in America.  We’re too concerned with rushing to our car before the traffic gets bad.  And how many of us actually know the fight song to our alma mater?



  1. “Stand up and cheer, stand up and cheer for dear old Western, for today we raise the red and white above the rest, rah rah rah Our boys are fighting and we’re bound to win the fray, we’ve got the team, we’ve got the steam, for this is dear old Western’s day!

    Don’t ever say Pam Herriford’s daughter doesn’t know the fight song! I grew up in Diddle Arena hearing that song!

  2. there is some truth to what you say most definatly

  3. Hey! I stay in Rupp until My Old Kentucky Home is finished! =P

  4. But wouldn’t it be awesome if everybody stayed in Rupp after the game and sang it together? Can you imagine 24,000 people singing it at once? That would be sweet!

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