Posted by: benfrasier | November 12, 2006

Going Bowling!

Woo hoo for UK football!  After seven years, my school is finally going to a bowl game! Not only that but here are the current standings in the SEC east…

Team          SEC record
Florida                7-1
Kentucky           4-3
Tennessee          3-3
Georgia               4-4
South Carolina   3-5
Vanderbilt          1-6

courtesy of

Yes… you’re eyes are not playing tricks on you. UK is currently second place in the east, and we can do no worse than third with a single SEC game remaining against Tennessee. To be honest, I was hoping Rich Brooks would be canned at the end of the season, but you can’t argue with the turnaround we’ve experienced this year. Its funny how fans and critics were saying Brooks needed no less than six wins for the coach to keep his job before the season started. After a little success early this year, those same critics were saying he needed a “signature” win. Well, after Brooks’s team beat Georgia (the defending SEC champs and a foe UK hadn’t beaten since my freshman year of high school) earning his “signature” win those same fans were claiming Brooks needed seven wins. Now it seems UK is all but guaranteed seven wins with the possibility of eight.

Nevertheless, I’m hoping for a Chic-fil-a Bowl or Music City Bowl invite for the Cats. Kim and I will try to be at either of those bowls if UK is invited. Its great having a wife that loves going to sporting events!


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