Posted by: benfrasier | October 19, 2006

new small group

On Wednesday Kim and I met with our new small group for the second time. Since we’ve been going to Crossroads Christian Church we really enjoyed the services, but we haven’t had a chance to really connect with people. Kim and I are accustomed to walking into a church and instantly meeting people just because we’re strangers. But since Crossroads is fairly large (around 2,000 people come to one of the weekend services) we don’t really stick out as newcomers.

But thankfully, we participated in an event called Connecting Point where you get to meet some other new people and some of the staff of Crossroads. After we finished this 3 week series we were placed in a group of young married couples, and Kim and I were asked to facilitate. Of course we were happy to do anything that would connect us with other couples so we agreed.

At our first meeting Lynn, a staff guy at Crossroads, stopped by and basically led us through some ice breakers. Everything went real smoothly, but Kim and I quickly learned that we were the youngest and most newly wedded couple. How ironic that the most inexperienced couple is asked to facilitate a group of newly married couples.

Thankfully, its turned out to be a great experience so far. All the couples seem to be clicking well, and we find ourselves not wanting to leave when we’re done. Its easy to facilitate because everybody wants to speak up and share their experiences. I’m finding myself really looking forward to Wednesday nights at Brooke and Dave’s house.

Kim and I are very thankful that God has placed us in this situation with four other great couples.



  1. Just found your blog.
    Every blessing from the UK!

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