Posted by: benfrasier | October 15, 2006

Its over, and I survived!

I’m home after finishing my first recital, and it went well! There are always things that could have been better, but I think the most important thing was that I enjoyed it. It wasn’t a torturous or painful process. Although, I was more nervous for this event than my wedding! But I felt calm and in control during the entire recital. My family plus grandparents and even Kim’s parents were in attendance! Having all that family there made me feel really special.

Kim’s parents made a funny comment… During recitals it is normal for the performer to not say a word and simply let the music do the talking. Kim’s parents told me afterwards that it must have been killing me to not be able to talk! 🙂

Now I am overwhelmed with this nice feeling of having no big deadline hanging over my head. It feels wonderful to have this big hurdle behind me. In reality, there are no big hurdles in my way in order for me to graduate, and that is a fantastic feeling! All I have to do is pass my remaining classes and complete that little task called student teaching.



  1. Congrats! That’s a big milestone. Now student teaching / conducting will be a piece of cake. BTW, we should be getting Hannah’s picture/referral in the next week or so. Pray for us! Later!

  2. Thats great about getting Hannah’s picture! Make sure you show it to Kim and I when we come down for Sara and Darren’s wedding!

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