Posted by: benfrasier | October 13, 2006

we’re back online

What: The recital

Who: Ben Frasier and Michael Collins on clarinet with Bill Cooper on Piano

Where: Singletary Center for the Arts, Concert Hall.  Lexington, KY.

When: Sunday Oct. 15.  2pm

Well its great having internet at our apartment again.  Our service was disconnected for two weeks.  Evidently our apartment complex doesn’t send a bill for the service, but you still have to pay them.  It would be nice if they sent you a bill to let you know exactly how much you owe.

Anyway, my recital is in two days!  I’m just ready for this thing to be over.  As I practice for the big day, I’ve noticed that I’ve started messing up on things that have never happened before.   This has given me the realization that playing music isn’t about getting everything absolutely right.  There are too many factors like the reed I’m playing on, all ten of my fingers, my mood, the temperature, the pianist’s mood, the pianist’s fingers, yada yada yada…. that can affect a clarinet recital performance.  And it seems like all of those factors never line up in your favor.

I’ve practiced and practiced and practiced some more.  So I’ve decided that I’m as prepared as possible and whatever happens on Sunday just happens… and mistakes won’t make a big deal.  I’ve never worked on a single project this hard and I’m proud that I’ve come to this level of playing.  As Dr. Wright encouraged me, I hope to continue to improve my clarinet playing as my teaching career progresses.  But right now, all I can think about it taking a week off from clarinet playing!


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