Posted by: benfrasier | August 28, 2006

at the movies…

In my musical analysis class we discussed how different periods of time have each had a certain form of performing art that was the featured art.  For example opera was the big thing in the 17th and 18th century and spoken plays were the big thing in Shakespeare’s time.  Dr. Baber also said that movies are the current featured art.

I love going to movies but I have to admit that I haven’t felt very excited about any movies that have come out this year.  Pirates of the Caribbean was cool, Talladega Nights was hilarious, and I still haven’t seend Superman.  But none of those movies can compare to the hype I was feeling when the Star Wars special editions or prequels came out.  My best friend, Dunny, and I went to see all six movies when they came out to theaters.  We have some great memories hanging outside the old Greenwood and Great Escape theaters.

I love movies that have me drooling just to see the trailer.  I can vividly remember downloading the trailer for Episode I in November and feeling so frustrated that I had to wait until May to actually see the movie.  I need another movie that gets me that excited!



  1. The 2006 Summer Camp video is done! Does that do it for you?

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