Posted by: benfrasier | August 21, 2006

Golf, Music, Life

I haven’t been one to watch golf on T.V. much, but since I’m at home a lot I have time to kill.  So I watched a few hours of the PGA Champoinship each day from Thursday thru Sunday.  Its also fun to watch Tiger play.  Tiger must be the most dominant play in his sport since Michael Jordan (the Bull… not the Wizard).

Tiger receives so much publicity during tournaments, especially during the majors.  Its easy to think that Tiger only works during these events, but we know that he must spend countless hours on the driving range and putting green. I’m sure there are tons of people who wish they could live the life of an athlete like Tiger, but those wishers probably wouldn’t want that kind life if they saw the real life of Tiger.

This is on my mind because I have to spend a lot of time practicing for my recital next semester.  During the summer break I’ve been practicing in the morning for a while before doing anything else.  I take a break on the weekends to give my mind a break from the music.  Though, too often my Sunday evenings are filled with dread of having to practice on Monday morning.

But I have to keep on truckin because I know that time spent practicing now will make life easier as the recital looms closer.  I can’t wait for the huge feeling of relief that will come after finishing the last note on that recital.



  1. Isn’t it ironic that the goal of an artist (and a sports person, I guess) is to make his/her performance look effortless, when so much work goes into preparing for it? I think it’s funny, too, how passionate you are about sports on one hand, an activity which involves lots of skill but little creativity, and music on the other, which involves both skill and creativity. Hmmm…

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