Posted by: benfrasier | August 18, 2006

Lets go tailgating!

Due to obsessive amounts of Sportscenter, ESPN radio, and I have been getting pumped up about the upcoming college football season.  Even though I attend UK, who’s record is 20-48 in my 6 seasons in Lexington, I still get stoked when August rolls around.  Espn has been comparing the NFL game to the college game and had different commentators/columnists to debate which league is better.  In my eyes, the college game is so much more fun to follow than the NFL game.  Here are my reasons:

1. The atmoshpere at a college game is much more exciting.  Marching bands, student sections, and fight songs are unique to the college game and add a different dimension to games that is missing in the NFL game.  Hearing a marching band in between plays is way cooler than hearing the booty-shaking music that pumped through P.A. systems at NFL games.

2.  Every single game in a college season is important.  When Texas visited Ohio State last year everyone said the winner of that game would probably have a great shot at the national title while the loser would probably have to wait until the next year to be a contender.  And that was only the second game of the season for both teams!  Of course that prediction was correct with Texas winning the BCS.  Now Ohio State is being touted as the early favorite to be the champion of 2006.  In the NFL you can lose some games and still make the playoffs, which diminishes the weight of each game.

3.  I also think that the most passionate fans of the NFL mainly only come from big urban areas (with the exception of Green Bay).  Cleveland people love the Browns, while Cincinnati people loves their Bengals.  But the whole freakin state of Ohio bleeds for the Buckeyes!  I think the college game has a more national appeal than the localized NFL fan base.

4.  The running quarterback is much more fun to watch in the college game than in the NFL.  While Michael Vick has certainly made an impression on the NFL, he is definately an exception to the rule.  There is more freedom and improv on the college field than the more structured NFL, which leads to more exciting plays.  Look at the National Championship game where Vince Young decided to run the ball after seeing every receiver was covered.  If that happens in the NFL, the quarterback just throws the ball out of bounds or takes a sack.

5.  In college, if a player admits that he doesn’t try his hardest on every play then he gets demoted to the scout team.  In the NFL, he is considered a superstar and earns a couple million dollars. (Paging Randy Moss)


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