Posted by: benfrasier | August 16, 2006

married lessons

Things I’ve learned since being married.

Apparently I could double as a stealth assassin. There have been a dozen instances where I’ve simply walked into the same room as Kim and terrified her. She might be folding clothes or fixing some breakfast, but apparently my footsteps are silent enough to not give away my presence. This morning I woke up and walked into the kitchen where Kim was packing her lunch. As I gave her a hug she let out a horrifying scream.

I’m louder than Kim. (okay… I already knew that) Its catches me off guard when I’m in the middle of a story and I look over to Kim to see that she has her hands over her ears. I wonder if Kim’s ears will become less sensitive as time passes.

Kim and I have different definitions of clean. There have been times when Kim says the floor needs to be vacuumed and I say, “Vacuum what? I thought we vacuumed last week.”

I see family a lot more often. For some reason, being married means you visit your hometown more often. (don’t get me wrong… its not a bad thing)

If you marry someone who has a full time job, your checkbook inflates instantly. I’m used to being happy when there were three digits on my account balance.

Its weird not being able to make my own schedule without consulting someone else. If someone asks me to do something at night or on a weekend, I feel like I can’t give an answer without talking to Kim first.

Even though you’re married, it doesn’t mean you feel married.










  1. This is humorous. One year from now, your insights will take four pages. And,I for one, will enjoy reading them. BTW, it’s nice to know that my blog now has two whole readers! I can’t wait for the 4th Indiana Jones movie either. It’ll definitely be an opening night trip!

  2. Hugs, comfort, and ear muffs to Kim from me. BTW, Lee and I have different definitions of clean. He’s a pile person, and dust – what’s that?

  3. After interning with Lee, I definately agree with the “pile person” comment. 🙂

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