Posted by: benfrasier | June 15, 2006

I can’t believe it, but I’m married.

Can it really happen this fast? Its feel unreal to go through so many life changes in such a short time span. Kim and I were married on the 3rd without a hitch, we went to Vegas for a week, and now I’m sitting at our new home waiting for the temp agency to call me with a job.

Thought list:
1. The whole wedding weekend went by at an incredible speed. I’ve been to other weddings and normally those experiences last forever!!! After the rehearsal and the following dinner I was thinking, “Did I just rehearse for my own wedding?” I think this shows that you need to be engaged for at least 6 months so you have time to go to counseling and mentally prepare yourself for married life. Otherwise you might catch yourself just riding the wave and after you land you are left with a feeling of, “What did I just do?”

2. I don’t like dealing with details. I was about to go crazy with having to answer millions of little ticky-tacky questions. I kept telling people that the easiest decision during the whole wedding thing was picking the girl to marry. Deciding what color of vest, what kind of napkins for the reception, what time we want to appear at the reception…. those questions are all very taxing and frustrating to my mind.

3. The most nervous part of my whole relationship with Kim wasn’t the wedding. It wasn’t even the proposal. It was asking her out on our first date. That was the only time I even thought about bailing out of this deal.

4. Great moment about 20 minutes before the ceremony: Michael and I are hanging out alone upstairs. Michael is pacing around and I’m bored to tears while sitting on the sofa. Michael says, “I think I’m more nervous than you!”

5. One night in Nash-Vegas = $180
Two nights in Las Vegas = $180
A whole week with Kim all to myself = priceless

6. Vegas isn’t for me. We had tons of fun in exploring the hotels, watching cool shows like Cirque du Soleil’s KA and the Blueman Group, and eating at a variety of restaurants. But there wasn’t much reason for us to come back. Kim and I don’t gamble or party hardy. We agreed that we would rather ride the cool attractions at Disney World than spend hours in the casinos on the strip. Don’t get me wrong… we had a great time in Vegas and we’re glad we got to experience it together. But we won’t be vacationing there again anytime soon.

7. The Blueman Group was awesome! Its hard to describe what happened during the show, but it was hilarious! Cirque du Soleil was also impressive but in different ways. I thought the climax of the show didn’t measure up to the rest of the show, but it continually amazed me and had me wondering “How did they do that?”

8. I was disappointed with Vegas’s airport. I enjoy being in airports and exploring them, but the only thing interesting about McCarran Airport was that it had slot machines everywhere.

9. The coolest part of exploring Vegas casinos was remembering movies that were filmed in Vegas. Obviously we went to the Bellagio knowing that Ocean’s 11 was filmed there. While eating lunch in the Flamingo we remembered that Las Vegas Vacation with Chevy Chase was filmed there. When we got back to Lexington, Kim and I watched Ocean’s 11 and we were amazed by how many times our Hotel (Bally’s) appears in the movie. We had never noticed it before.

10. (WARNING: not wedding/honeymoon related) Make sure you pee before soccer games start on TV. I’ve missed a bunch of great goals during the World Cup because I get up to pee. Since there are no commercials during the game you better take your chance before the game and during halftime. I missed Germany’s game winning goal during the 90th minute yesterday because I couldn’t hold it any longer. Dang.



  1. Might I be the first, Mr. Frasier, to congratulate you on your new husbandly status (I know, I know, “husbandly” is not a word, but you know what I mean)? Your wedding was lovely, and everyone involved enjoyed the festivities, but I know you two were glad to get away for some much anticipated, uninterupted together time. Your own wedding is the biggest party you’ll ever have to plan, unless, of course, you have a daughter (but no pressure ever from me in that department – I promise!). Y’all have a great summer. Hug Kim for me – then kiss her for you – but don’t tell me about the second part — that would be gross. Love you guys!

  2. Big Ben! I hear you about peeing during a world cup game. During the US/Italy game I had to do a little more than pee (wink wink) and when I finished my business the US had only 8 players playing on the field. The guys on TV were talking about how bad the refs were and how cheap of a foul they called, but I never got to see it.

    No more bathroom breaks for me during the world cup.–>

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