Posted by: benfrasier | April 27, 2006

It’s alive!!!!

For the first time, I got to hear a song that I arranged played by real people. For a class assignment I arranged a British song called “Ash Grove” for a small ensemble. I used Finale (notation software) to arrange the piece, which allows the computer to play the music. But what comes out of computer speakers and real humans are two totally different beings. As I stood before my class ready to conduct my arrangement I had this thought of “What if this doesn’t work?” I would imagine its similar to the moment just before you bungee jump when you think, “What if this cord breaks?” But you just have to ignore that voice and jump. On the first run through of my piece, everything just fell apart. It seemed that my bungee cord has snapped. Surprisingly, my professor’s first comment about my product was, “yeah, this is a good arrangement!” We gave the piece another run through and it actually worked. It turns out there was a slight error on everybody’s part that caused everyone to lose their place, but it was easily fixed. I think I actually enjoy this arranging business. I’ll have a lot of fun arranging pop music for my pep band when I start teaching.



  1. You should post an audio link when it’s more polished. That would be way cool!–>

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