Posted by: benfrasier | March 30, 2006

65 Days to go!

Thanks to the wedding page that Kim created, I get a daily update on how soon our wedding is. Soon after our engagement everybody told us how crazy it is to plan a wedding. We’ve definitely made a lot of plans, but it doesn’t seem as overwhelming as people made it out to be. Of course there are several reasons why I don’t feel so stressed…

1. I’m a boy.
Obviously, the bride and her family take on most of the load with wedding plans. And I’ve been told by many married men just to say, “that’s fine,” when asked for an opinion. Hopefully I’ve been more active in our plans than the average guy. (You’ll have to ask Kim if that’s true or not!) As I’ve mentioned before, Kim’s mom put me in charge of music for the ceremony and reception. It was a little stressful, but now that the string trio is booked there really isn’t anything more for me to do.

2. I’m in school.
Since we got engaged over Christmas Break, I had a few weeks to totally focus on wedding/honeymoon stuff. Before school started we had booked our hotel and airfare for the honeymoon.

3. Great Parents
Both sets of parents have been really helpful while at the same time not being too intrusive. Kim’s mom does a great job of telling us what we need to decide, but she gives Kim and I plenty of space and time to figure out what we want. Pam’s organization skills have made this planning stage go real smoothly. I’ll never forget the night after we were engaged when Pam sat us down and basically wrote down everything we need to plan for. That was probably the first moment when I checked back into reality and thought to myself, “Oh, this wedding is really gonna happen!” I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about trouble with in-laws, but luckily I haven’t experienced any of that so far.
My mom has been great at letting me know things I need to take care of. Even though she has never planned a wedding, she has been reading lots of books on wedding etiquette and has gained lots of knowledge about the groom’s family’s role in this wedding deal.

I know things will probably get a little hectic once May rolls around, but I have to say that things have been smooth sailing so far!


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