Posted by: benfrasier | February 15, 2006

Conferences and Counseling

So last week’s performance at the KMEA festival in Louisville went well. However, the real story was how awesome the bathrooms were in Galt House East side, where the Wind Ensemble spent the night. I’ve stayed at the Galt House a few times, but its always been on the West Side. The most impressive part of the bathroom was the glorious shower! A large glass door opened to a marble floor and encompassed roughly the same space as my roommates walk-in closet. And the shower head squirted water out at a very high pressure level, giving myself a nice massage. I could have spent a few hours in there!

In other news… I’ve recently read part of His Needs, Her Needs. According to the author, guys on average have these five basic needs that need to be met by his wife: (in order) sexual fulfillment, recreational companionship, an attractive spouse, domestic support, and admiration. Do you think this list is accurate? Are there other needs which you think belong on this list? I’m just curious. By the way, marriage counseling seems to be pretty intense, but extremely valuable. Kim and I had our first session Sunday and if we don’t learn anything else in our other 5 sessions, it will still be time well spent. I’m thankful that Kevin and Mary (the counselors) have so much experience and knowledge in this area.


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