Posted by: benfrasier | February 8, 2006

Am I a great blogger or what??

So I’ve discovered something slightly amusing. I really want to have a cool blog that contains interesting things about me to read. Unfortunately, I never feel inspired to write in my blog.

However, I have been assigned to keep a journal in my music history class. (yeah, I don’t see how a journal relates to music history either) But consequently, I usually feel inspired to write something at least mildly entertaining in this journal. My hope is that through my journal, I will train myself to find things to write about in my blog.

So if you’re reading this blog you probably already know this… but I’m engaged to Kim! I proposed to her on Christmas Eve, and since then we have been in full planning mode for the wedding, honeymoon, and getting our living arrangements set up. This week we paid the security deposit on an apartment. I must admit… its weird knowing where I will live with my wife! The apartment is small and cozy. I’m sure I won’t want to be far from my wife whenever I’m home with her. So the small floorplan should be perfect for us!

School has been a little easier this semester than last semester. (Thank Goodness!!!) Tomorrow I am going to Louisville to play in the KMEA conference with UK’s Wind Ensemble.

I’m out.



  1. I can’t wait for post marital sex either!!! Hey maybe we can get together!!! thats a good line to use after the word sex. Oh well let me know how things are going man!

  2. i still cant believe my big brother is getting married…so sad

    ok im just kidding about that, its great! im so happy for you 2!


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