Posted by: benfrasier | August 19, 2005

Where is my time running to?

In an earlier post I described how I enjoyed summers because of the slower pace life moves during the warm months. Now that I’m back in Lexington for the start of school, the slower pace has quickly accelerated into high gear. I haven’t been in Lexington 24 hours and I’m already worried about how I’m gonna get through the semester and fulfill all my academic, music, and internship responsibilities.

My worries are a sign of my lack of faith in God to lead me through my busy schedule. Sometimes I have to sit back and remind myself that God is bigger than my schedule. I have confidence that he will guide me through my daily tasks, but I deny him the ability to guide me when I worry or get anxious.

So if you hear me complaining about my schedule… give me nice elbow in the ribs and remind me that God is bigger than my schedule. 🙂



  1. HEY DONT CALL GOD FAT!!! JK Ill remind you,,, there are more important things out there than school ( If Ive learned anything this pass year its that) See you soon Big D!!!

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