Posted by: benfrasier | May 24, 2005

Oh, where art thou creativity?

Sometimes I get very frustrated with myself when I try to think creatively. Yesterday, I was trying to come up with some creative ideas for my meeting Tuesday with Kevin and the other Cats for Christ interns but nothing was coming to mind. I think I’m better at executing an idea than developing an idea. How can you help yourself to think more creatively? If you know the secret, share it with me… please?



  1. Creativity comes from deep within… yeah well I really think that you have to be around or caught up in creative junk it helps the flow such as being stuck in a small town you find stuff to do or stuck in a small room for a few hours you become creative. You think of ways to watch Tv from area or spot you position things so you don’t have to move you put the small fridge by your chair and the remote stays at your side and you get a garden hose and funnel and rig up a bathroom and there you have it CREATIVITY!

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