Posted by: benfrasier | May 12, 2005


One aspect of summer I really enjoy is the freedom to sit and reflect. I’m sure this is true for everybody, but school doesn’t allow me much time to simply sit and think about where my life is heading. Everything moves in fast forward during the school, and I can’t afford to sit and be idle. There are always projects to complete, clarinet music to practice, classes to attend, rehearsals, Cats for Christ events…..

But summer is my annual time to sit and breathe easily. I really enjoy sitting on my back porch with friends or just by myself and think about where I want to go in life and if I’m headed in that direction. Without this time to just breathe there is no telling what direction I might head. I bet a lot of people find themselves in places they don’t want to be just because they were in constant motion.



  1. Ben, I completely agree. I love summer because it gives you a chance to slow down, process emotions, and find direction. Someone once told me “you can’t always hear what God is telling you because you never slow down enough to listen only to Him”. I hope you are having an amazing summer! Look forward to seeing you. – Sheena

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