Posted by: benfrasier | April 22, 2005

only 1.5 weeks left!

So life has given me little free time lately. But I’ve finally found a nice relaxing Friday.

Monday’s Wind Ensemble concert went very well. The debut of the Mower piece was fantastic. This was the world premiere of Mike Mower’s Saxophone Concerto. Before the concert we had a few rehearsals with the composer, which was the first time he heard his piece played by real people. I have never played any piece like this before. It had a lot of the “Big Band” sound you would hear back in the 50s. However the real star (wink, wink) was the bass clarinet part. Most composers overlook the bass clarinet, but Mr. Mower didn’t hold any punches for my part, for which I am very grateful.

I am also in the process of deciding whether to take an internship position with the Cats for Christ. The time requirement isn’t too demanding, but I’m still wondering whether I would be stretching myself too thin when I consider school, practice, and marching band instructing on top of an internship. I’ve been praying this week about it, but I don’t feel a definite answer either way. Hopefully I’ll come to some sort of definitive feeling before Sunday.

I can’t wait for summer break to arrive! I’m only a week and a half away from sleeping in everyday, morning disc golf sessions, ultimate frisbee Saturdays, and all the practice time I could ask for!



  1. DISC GOLF!!!

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