Posted by: benfrasier | April 11, 2005

You’ve got to be kidding me.

So I received my band handbook today, which I turned in for my Music Education class just after spring break. I got a C+ on it, which is okay. I don’t like to get Cs, but I’m still safely in the B range for my final grade. The thing that irks me about this grade is that my instructor made some harsh comments that weren’t justified. Here is an example:

I wrote the following statement about my teaching philosophy, “I pledge to be a positive influence in your academic career. It is my responsibility to encourage and push every student in a healthy manner. I do not use intimidation or other negative techniques in my teaching repertoire.”

Mr. Clarke wrote this comment about that statement, “Sounds a bit negative.”

I don’t believe I need to explain this contradiction.

Mr. Clarke’s final comments included a list of sections I had forgotten to include followed by this comment. “Not a complete document and relatively useless. It is superficial even in what is covered.”

What a joker.


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