Posted by: benfrasier | April 3, 2005

I’m not this bad… am I?

So you need to check out the preview for the movie Fever Pitch. In case you haven’t watched it, I’ll give you a brief description. It is a romantic comedy with Jimmy Fallon as Ben and Drew Barrymore as Lindsey. Ben and Lindsey start dating each other, but Lindsey has to deal with Ben’s obsession with the Boston Red Sox.

One scene from the trailer depicts Lindsey asking Ben to travel with her to meet her family. The trip coincides with an important Red Sox game, which puts Ben in a predicament. He responds, “But the team needs me!”

I laughed pretty hard after that line because I can see myself saying the exact same thing about UK basketball! Isn’t it so absurd to think that I could make a difference in a game yet, not even play? I believe I missed one or two home games this year because of tests or school work, and each time I felt guilty for not being there when I watched the game on TV!

Anyways, I probably never see the movie, since it is a chic flick. But if you see it let me know if I’m as bad as Jimmy Fallon.



  1. Well Im sorry to say, I saw it Friday, I took my girlfriend to see it, and I only went cause its Jimmy Fallon. Hes pretty funny, but its not that great a movie, its a typical chic flick. But other then that, your not that bad I dont think, you’ve given up games before for other things, but theres nothing wrong with loving a team!–>

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