Posted by: benfrasier | March 27, 2005


Is it bad when you feel like you’ve broken up with a girlfriend after UK loses in the tournament? It seems that all those bad feelings of depression, sadness, and hopelessness were present after Michigan State once again beat us in the Elite Eight. I suppose I will have to go on my normal routine of banning any sports-related television or reading from my eyes for a few weeks.

I suppose I should feel silly… After all, I’m not even playing the game. I’m just a spectator. But as Richard reminded me earlier tonight, we have invested a lot of emotions into this team. I think it would be interesting to total up the number of hours we spent in the line for the Erruption Zone this season. Add to that the number of hours I’ve spent reading newspapers or websites about the basketball team, and it would probably total in the hundreds. It is impossible to spend so much time with one subject and not get emotionally invested.

So cut me a little slack this week if I seem mopey or withdrawn. I need time to deal with this break-up.



  1. I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN!!!! I was in Indiana with Christine at her grandparents. And I didnt get to wathc but the last 4 mins of the 2nd half and then i had to sit there for 2 OT in a room full of ppl that hate UK I felt so alone, and my heart kept skipping and I felt like I could cry everytime we missed a shot or when they hit one. but since the game i have felt not like myself. i feel bad for Hayes, i think he deserved a champship, i just pray he gets the all american!

  2. Hey, I wanted them to win as much as anyone. Nothing would have been sweeter than to see Pitino defeat his old team in the championship game.


  3. Quit drinkin that hate-a-rade dunn

    And for the all american, he was honorable mention

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