Posted by: benfrasier | March 20, 2005

Random thoughts from last week’s mission trip in Ensenada, Mexico…

After arriving back in Lexington, I realized I didn’t work all week long. John and I were in charge of keeping kids busy during the medical clinic. Basically, I played soccer for a few hours everyday at the clinic. I still felt very tired and sore every night, but it wasn’t a result of a hard day of work.

After every trip to Central America, I’m always thankful I don’t live in a smelly town. Every decent sized town I’ve visited in Central America has a certain stench that is a mix of sewage, petroleum, and exhaust fumes. We left our balcony door slightly open in our hotel room in Ensenada Friday night, and soon our entire floor was filled with that nasty stench. I wish my pictures of Ensenada could somehow contain the Ensenada smell so other people could understand what I’m talking about.

It seems I’m becoming less sensitive to the extreme poverty levels. I remember my first trip to Honduras where I was extremely affected emotionally by the poverty I witnessed. The emotions I felt then are no longer present when I see that same poverty now. I’m not sure what this means.

It might not be obvious on the outside, but if you look at the personalities of our group (Cats for Christ) we are a very diverse group. This fact lead to some interesting conversations and confrontations.

I must be the biggest wuss when it comes to puking, and I haven’t puked since the 7th grade! During trips to Central America, I’m always worried about getting sick to my stomach. I get so worried that I can’t enjoy myself or absorb whatever message God is trying to send me on these kinds of trips.

It will never happen… but I would like to live in San Diego someday. I’ve visited twice, and I really like the weather and the downtown area. I think it’s a beautiful town, but the cost of living would probably prevent me from ever moving there.

UK always loses the SEC tournament when I’m in Mexico. We’re 0-2 when I’m in Mexico.

We attended church at El Zorrillo on Sunday, and they asked us to sing some songs in English. We sang some upbeat songs that involved clapping. This made some of the people at the church uncomfortable. I feel ashamed that we have spread some of our church issues to areas like El Zorrillo. Most preachers in areas like this go to school in the States or go to schools that receive lots of funding from churches in the States. I find it disgraceful that we have given these people more things to worry about, as if their own hardships and poverty isn’t enough to worry about. Shame on us.

I’m very thankful for insulation. After a few sleepless nights with the chills, I’m very thankful I’m back in a room that is able to keep heat inside.

Soccer is a great sport, and I wish I still played. I can’t imagine adding another item to my already busy agenda, but perhaps someday I can get back into soccer. It’s a sport that may seem odd to many Americans, but it is as natural as breathing to the rest of the world.

There are so many more ways to communicate than by words. Body language, gestures, and attitudes are just a few of the tools that we can use to communicate. Sometimes its more fun to make a silly face at a child than try to bore them with words.

Flushing toilet paper is a nasty habit to break.



  1. Ben your weblog is always interesting to read. You and John did a great job of keeping the kids busy!!! I had fun getting to know everyone on the trip a little better. This was my best spring break every!!!

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