Posted by: benfrasier | March 3, 2005

Thanks Chuck

So last night was Chuck Hayes’s last game at Rupp Arena (excuse me while I wipe a tear). Chuck is one of those guys you can’t hate, even if you don’t like UK. He is kinda like an anti-Kobe Bryant. Chuck’s freshman year was the team turmoil year of 2001-2002. Its very ironic how a player of Chuck’s character was recruited alongside punks like Rashard Carruth and Adam Chiles. I’m gonna miss seeing a guy who is usually two or three inches shorter than the man he is guarding be the leading rebounder of a game.

After tomorrow night I will officially be done with Sousa marches for the rest of the semester! WOO HOOO! Rehearsals haven’t been going well with Mr. Brion. He mailed music to us a few weeks ago, but there are major changes to almost every piece. It would have been more efficient to make these changes before he mailed them. Oh well, it will all be over tomorrow night.

So it appears that I’m working two band camps this summer: Greenwood and West Jessamine High School. I just found out about both of those jobs this past week. Thinking about band camps gets me soooo excited about summer. You’ve probably heard me say this before, but I firmly believe that July is the best month of the year. July always starts with Greenwood Park’s church camp, which I’ve been going to since the 5th grade. Church camp is always followed by three weeks of band camp. Couple those camps with the fact that the weather is always hot, and you just can’t deny that summer rocks baby! Okay, you might hate the month of July, which is just fine, but you can’t argue with the fact that classes are not in session during July! (unless you’re taking summer courses! Suckas!)

Okay, I’m done


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