Posted by: benfrasier | February 20, 2005


Yesterday was a very long day, but it was a great day!

It started at 3:45 AM when I let the wooten’s dog out to go pee. (I was house-sitting this weekend) At 4:15 AM I was on my way to pick up Richard and head to Rupp Arena to get in the Erruption Zone line. We arrive at 4:30 and wait for our bracelets until 8 AM. We expected to pick up our bracelets at 5 then head inside, so I wasn’t prepared to deal with the cold weather. Trust me when I say it was one of the coldest 3.5 hours of my life!

We eventually got our bracelets then headed inside the Civic Center and waited for College Gameday to start. Here is where our luck started to kick in…. We saw two guys in the front row who stood with us in the Erruption Zone line. We decided it would be cool to stand next to them (and it was a great decision!). About 2 hours later Digger Phelps came out to give us a little pep talk. I had made a sign that said “DIGGER vs. Kentucky 4-12.” In case you don’t know, Digger used to coach Notre Dame, and he really despised Kentucky. 4-12 is Digger’s record against during his tenure. So obviously, we owned him.

As he came on to the set, he noticed my sign and came over to talk. I expected him to be really snobby and stuck up, but he was actually very friendly and talked a little bit about some of the games he coached against UK. He eventually stood behind the Gameday desk and gave the whole crowd a few instructions for the broadcast. He said he wanted everybody to give him a hard time while he was on set because it will show the rest of the country how passionate UK fans are. He asked the crowd, “Do you guys have any chant ready for me?” Richard and I immediately started yelling, “4 and 12 clap, clap, clap clap clap!” Then the entire crowd started chanting with me. I must say it was pretty cool to get a whole crowd fired up!

As expected, the crowd went completely nuts when the broadcast finally started. There are monitors set up around the set, so you can see what the rest of America is watching on TV. I quickly noticed that when the camera switched to Digger and Jay Bilas, I was directly in between them. So my “4-12” sign was visible beside Digger during the entire broadcast! We hadn’t thought of that when we decided to stand for the broadcast, we just got really lucky!

Fast forward about 9 hours….

We’ve waited outside forever, and we’re finally watching the game. Half-time comes and we’re only up by 3 on MSU. After half-time Ashley Judd decides she wants to stand in the Erruption Zone, and she comes and stands right in front of me! Of course I go into shy-mode once she comes, but she was really friendly and very loud when cheering the Cats. I asked her if she wanted any face paint, but she declined. (Darn)

We eventually blow out MSU, and almost everybody on UK who played scored in double figures. After the game I dropped Richard off and I finally arrived back at the Wooten’s around midnight.

It was definitely a great day!



  1. That’s so cool, Ben! I saw them talking to Ashley Judd and thought of you. You guys were SOOOO loud! Very cool…

    Karen Carpenter

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