Posted by: benfrasier | February 2, 2005


This semester has started off with quite a bang. Its almost time for the first round of tests and I’m already totally exhausted from school. My professors are giving much more homework than I’ve ever experienced in college. I thought homework was a word for high school. I’ve prided myself on the fact that I can get by with as little effort possible, yet still make good grades. Well, my pride has taken quite a blow because there are no shortcuts this semester, unlike semesters past. This is frustrating because I was able to obtain one diploma while barely glancing at my textbooks. I’ve never read textbook chapters before class, and I’ve only read other novels that required a paper or assignment of some sort. Now I’m either required to write outlines on each chapter or take a daily quiz on the reading material.

So why am I telling you this? I don’t know…. you’re probably avoiding some kind of school work by reading this blog! I suppose my point is that while I often feel tired and worn out…. I have developed a new since of pride in my work ethic. The fact that I am studying something I truly enjoy has probably had an effect on my work ethic too. I would rather do a second level analysis on a piece of music than write a statement of net income any day of the week!

I have found that following your passion makes hard work seem like it isn’t that big of a deal. During my business education I would become very frustrated if I didn’t get my 3 hours of video game time a day. Because I wasn’t enjoying anything I did during the day, I would become very discontent if I didn’t have time for anything fun. But now, I’m often on campus 12+ hours a day and still have homework waiting for me when I get home; yet, I haven’t experienced any of the discontent that I felt in the past.

I’m so thankful that the Father has reminded me of my passion for music and teaching. Being on this path has truly made my life more joyful…. even if I am a little more weary.



  1. Man your in the same shoes I am, I’ll put any type of work off till i cant any longer, mainly bc i just dont care about the subject. but i kno once im doing something I enjoy I’ll be fine, cause when I took CAD sophmore yr when we had homework I loved it, I always wished for more cause I liked doing that kinda stuff.

    But also this semester Im taking CO OP so I have 4 hrs a day at work that I dont do anything to study, which has helped a lot, I almost want my teachers to give us homework so I have something to do at work. But Im acing all my test and I kno whats going on in class, even tho Im just takin Pol Science with Tolbert(LOL) and english, so its not a hard semester, but my point is if you enjoy doing something then youll want to study or work at it. I CANT WAIT FOR COLLEGE!!!!

  2. Ben, Hey this is Crystal from church and I found your webpage and I thought I would say HEY!!! See you Wed night. :)–>

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