Posted by: benfrasier | January 10, 2005

back to the grinder

WOO HOO!!!!! My new computer arrived today!

I needed some good news after the Kansas game yesterday. It was more disappointing than usual to come away with the loss considering we were playing the #2 team in the country, and we had camped outside Rupp Arena in the bitter cold! But even with the loss I had a great time hanging out with everybody who camped out. I probably had more fun in line for the game than actually watching the game.

I’m glad winter break is over. That is an odd statement coming from me, but I was ready to be back in Lexington. Naturally, I’m not ready for classes to begin, but I just enjoy being back in Lexington and living on my own schedule.

One thing I noticed about myself during the break was that I’m very critical of other people’s actions. I seem to dwell on why other people make certain decisions or why people act a certain way. Being back in Bowling Green seemed to make that problem worst than normal. Perhaps it is natural to analyze a person’s decision if you know a lot about a person’s background.

I suppose it is human nature to think about what is going on inside the heads of other people, but I think you learn to distrust people more if you spend too much time dwelling on the motivation behind people’s decisions. I’m not sure what this means for me. I think it is valuable to understand what motivations and feelings other people have. But I should also respect other people’s right to live their life in their own unique way.

Well its time to stop this before I go into full rambling mode.


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