Posted by: benfrasier | December 15, 2004

For all you people with finals on Thursday and Friday!

Don’t you just hate finals that happen at the end of the week? If given the choice wouldn’t you just like the opportunity to take the finals now and go home? I would!!! Its Wednesday evening, and I’ve only had one final so far! For all of you out there who still have finals left…. I feel your pain!

I know I shouldn’t be complaining. After all, this large amount of free time has led to many hours of Halo 2 and other fun procrastinating techniques. I’m also lucky in the fact that I’m taking many freshman level courses, which don’t require much studying. But this idleness is killing me slowly! Usually during finals week I’m inside my apartment too much which leads to some weird psychological experiences. When I’m by myself for too long, I’ve noticed how the walls seem to move closer together. Its as if my house is trying to swallow me alive!!!!

Okay, so obviously I need finals week to be over as quick as possible before I go completely insane!



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