Posted by: benfrasier | November 9, 2004

Its here! (no not Halo 2)

Oh man. I knew this day was coming. I dread it every year.

Today I had to break out the… WINTER COAT!!!!!

Every year this day signifies my generally quicker pace while walking outside, avoidance of Patterson Office Tower (those winds are nasty!), and wondering how many days per week I’m allowed to wear my UK hoody. As you can probably tell I’m a warm weather guy, so these next few months are going to drag on with seemingly no end!

But there must be some good things about cold weather. Lets think of some…

  1. Christmas Break
  2. Basketball
  3. ummmmm……
  4. uhhhh….
  5. Basketball
  6. Spring comes after winter
  7. and…..hmm…..

Yeah, thats all I can think of. So I guess my point is that we need to pray for global warming.


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