Posted by: benfrasier | November 3, 2004

Its about time….

I know all of you were impatient. I was too. We had to wait too long. It seems like everybody has been talking about it in eager anticipation. And now we know….


Yes that’s right, UK opens up their season against Northern Kentucky University tonight in an exhibition game. Being that this is my fifth year of being eligible for student tickets I have decided that I want to set some goals for myself this season:

  1. I will not allow a loss to ruin my day. I will remind myself that its just a game (is it really?) and that there are more important things to worry about.
  2. I will remember that players on other teams are also human beings. I will try to keep my comment to them upbeat and positive. (okay this probably won’t happen)
  3. I will not allow a Louisville fan to get under my skin with comments like “man, it must suck to get beat by your rival with your old coach.” (I’ll just punch him in the face and walk away feeling refreshed)
  4. I will not allow haters (Michael Dunn) who have no allegiance to any team (Michael Dunn) and who like to criticize UK get on my nerves. (I’ll punch you too)
  5. I will not judge how successful a semester has been based on the record of the basketball team.
  6. I will not wear all blue to church on Sunday morning if there is a game that day and I have to pass out communion trays. (I’ll just refuse to pass out the trays)
  7. I will put academics before athletics. (Unless there is a game on TV)
  8. I will not cause Robbie Noffsinger bodily harm if UK is not playing up to their potential.
  9. I will not elbow anyone near me in the erupption zone who is not jumping, yelling, and supporting our team with all there effort. (Matt Hampton)
  10. I will not hold grudges against anyone who refuses to meet at Basket-Robins before the ticket lotteries and gets erupption zone tickets. (I’ll just T.P. their house)


  1. That sounds like a perfectly good plan to me! No problems here! This season will be awesome, we’ ve gotta get a few games in this yr!

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