Posted by: benfrasier | November 2, 2004

I’m Ben Frasier, and I approve this message.

Its finally Super Tuesday! I’m sure you’re as happy as me that the political races will be over, and we will no longer be forced to watch those stupid political commercials. As you can probably guess, I’m not too interested in politics. I know we must have politicians in order for our country to run, but my opinion of politicians is close to car salesmen and telemarketers.

Ironically, a reporter from the KY Kernel called me last week asking for a religious view on the election. He got my number because I was the president of the Cats for Christ last year. We probably talked for 20 minutes until he got the not-so-subtle-message that I really don’t care about politics. (and game four of the World Series was on) To show how productive the interview was, I read the article today and there were no quotes from me in the article. Luckily Joel came through to give the reporter some good quotes.

Anyway, I just wanted to say “So Long!” to all those annoying commercials that will no longer interrupt my 8:00 am Sportcenter!


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