Posted by: benfrasier | November 1, 2004

first post

Well its my turn….

It seems that everybody has a blog, live journal, or some sort of on-line diary. I suppose the world has waited long enough for my blog to hit the internet. So here it is (cue the music)… “quiet words from a loud mouth.”

So for my first post I want to publicly announce that the University of Kentucky School of Music cannot count. I spent my Sunday evening assembling my schedule for next semester, and I discovered I will be taking 17 credit hours. Now, one might assume that this means I will be in class for 17 hours. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I will actually be in class for a total of 25 stinking hours!! Being the accountant-in-hiding that I am, I’ve decided to use some auditing skills to asess this situation:

Since I have no idea of how to create a table on here, this is what you get…

Class. credit hours. actual classtime hours

MUC 172. 2. 3
MUC 173. 2. 3
MUC 203. 3. 3
MUC 265. 3. 3
MUS 189. 1. 6
MUP 210. 2. 2
MUS 151. 1. 2
EDP 203. 3. 3

Total. 17. 25

Okay that simple little table took too long to create. I’ll remember that next time. Actually, that took so long that I’ve lost my passion for this blog. Oh well.



  1. Ben, you rule! Bring it on loud mouth!


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